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Cecilia's Life & Facts

St. Cecilia
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On this page I will tell you in bullets facts about Cecilia, her life, and people she spent her life with

In this first Part I will tell you about Cecilia's life in the order of witch the things happened

Her life


      Her father ordered her to marry a men named Valerain, he wasn’t Christian       

      She wanted to be a virgin, but didn’t want to break her fathers rules and married him

      At the reception musicians sang immodest songs, while Cecilia sang to God in her heart (this is why musicians took Cecilia to be there patron)

      After the reception Cecilia told Valerain how she wanted to be a virgin

      Cecilia told Valerain that if he tried to do anything that Cecilia didn’t feel good about then her guardian angel would strike him down

      He wanted to see the angel to believe it, he could only see it if he became a Christian

      Valerain thought it was a trick but wanted to learn more about him wife’s religion

      Valerain was baptized by the Pope

      Soon after Valerian’s brother, Tiburtius dropped by for a visit, he couldn’t believe that his brother was a Christian

      When Valerain went back to Cecilia he was her with her guardian angel

      Tiburtius was baptized soon too

      When persecution of Christians broke out Tiburtius and Valerain carried dead bodies and burned them

      This brought attention to authorities, Valerain and Tiburtius were arrested

      They were beheaded

      Then Cecilia was to, she was a martyr




Facts About Her

      Was struck 3 times in the neck and lived for 3 days

      Asked the pope to convert her home into a church

      Parton of music, musicians, poets, and poetry

      Lived: sometime thought 140-180

      Was very wealthy

      Secret masses were held in her home

      Herd angels singing

      Cecilia means blind

      Nickname= Cecily



Helping hands
What Cecilia Wants

How the world should work

Like many religious people and saints I think that one of Saint Cecilia's Main idea and thing she wanted is for all people to be caring, happy, helpful, and kind

Cecilia's favorites



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